Meet The Team

Mark Ty-Wharton

Glastonbury’s Wise And Learned Man Of Noise

Hello, my name is Mark Ty-Wharton and I am a noise magician. I became interested in sound when I was a little boy. I was standing on a pile of dirt and shouting at buildings when l noticed there was another little boy who copied everything I said. My Dad said it was just an echo. I thought it was probably worth exploring.

Then one bedtime, I saw Top Of The Pops on TV. The conversation went along the lines of “what are you watching?” “go to bed!” But I saw Jimi Hendrix!

Dad was a keen sailor and we used to go to France on holiday. Far away from the UK radio stations, I was fascinated with the modulation between radio stations and used it to make up songs to it.

I dismantled record players to find out how they worked and made recordings on cassette tape on a machine which doubled as an amplifier. Then followed T-REX, home made guitars and punk. I was a 20th century boy but I embrace 21st century technology. I have been a guitarist, Pro Tools engineer and record producer. Clients include a fairly famous brother and Duran Duran.


The Golden Ears Of The Operation

The Golden Ears Of The Operation

Hello my name is George Barker and Mark and I get along because Golden Retrievers are in the Guiness Book of Records for being the noisiest breed of dog on the planet. Also… I really do have golden ears!

According to Wikipedia, my temperament is a hallmark of my breed, and I am described in the standard as: known for being “kindly, friendly and confident”.

I am a fabulous family pet, particularly as I am patient with middle aged men who make ridiculous widdly-widdly noises on modified children’s toys, or shout random comments at inanimate objects, like computers.

I love other people’s dogs coming into the shop, but I am afraid I love it a bit too much and will sometimes smash things with my tail. This is a picture of me trying to get across the counter to make puppies with a customer.

And hey, there are biscuits in the till… If you buy something, I know the till bell ringing means you get the change and I get a treat!

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